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A contemporary dance film inspired by Simon Diaz’s ‘La Vaca Mariposa’ - dedicated to Venezuela.

Inspired by Simon Diaz’s “La Vaca Mariposa” - DOS visually explores the inevitable power dynamic shift that happens between a mother and their offspring, as they fulfill their own path.

With contemporary choreography by Loni Landon, cinematography by Josh Herzog and original score by Milo McBride (sampling Simon Diaz’s original song); DOS is the fruition of artists from different backgrounds collaborating to craft something that transcends its cultural origin.


directed by Jean Claude Billmaier

original score by Milo McBride

inspired and sampling Simon Diaz’s ‘La Vaca Mariposa’

choreographed by Loni Landon

featuring Jen Payán

& Madeline O’Donnell

produced at JCB Haus

director of photography | Josh Herzog

gaffer | Will Politan

editor | Sascha Taylor Larsen

color | Justin Levine